Connect Stroller

One of the most popular strollers for twins in a stroller set and for babies from scratch.
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Connect Stroller
The doubled version of the Walk is all-season, but retained the handling inherent in our models.
Everything that may be needed on the way for two kids at once will fit in spacious baskets.
Connect Stroller
Connect Stroller

Compact and convenient folding

Connect Stroller
Specifications and accessories
  • Unfolded size, LxWxH
    92x72х107 cm
  • Seat size, LxWxD
    75х30Х20 cm
  • Stroller weight
    13.5 kg
  • Maximum load
    30 kg
  • Folding type
  • Viewing window
  • Handle height adjustment
  • Backrest adjustment
    3 positions
  • Ventilation function
    headboard restraint
  • Bumper
    yes, removable, turnable
  • Basket
  • Wheel type
    front turnable, can be fixed
  • Wheel material
  • Accessories
    footcover, raincover