Try to count how often the delighted “Wow!” breaks out of your child’s lips.

And how many more Wow-moments are waiting for our kids ahead!

In addition to parental love and guardianship, our children need vivid impressions and events.

And we just help you with this, creating high-quality and convenient products.


— light, pleasant to the touch, easy to fold and transform
Baby feels when he sees the first snow
Baby feels when he tries something new
A multifunctional high chair that combines the functions of a deck chair, rocking chair and highchair
The desire of parents to re-discover the world is more important than everyday life and limitations.

Encouraging a child to explore this world, sometimes to fall, make mistakes, try again and win more important than "sterility" in education.

Carrello Carrello
The cover is made of hypoallergenic quilted fabric - easy to remove for washing
Baby feels when he tastes the world "on a bite"
Our mission is to help families enjoy the process of opening a new
Наш девиз. А сколько еще Уух-ты - моментов ждет наших малышей впереди!
How it all began?
At the beginning of 2000, a happy, young father stood in a children's store and chose a stroller for his newborn son. With all the abundance of offers, they could be divided into two groups: the first, expensive, from well-known brands, and the second much cheaper, Chinese, with dubious characteristics.
History is silent about what kind of stroller Dad bought, but that day can be called the beginning of the creation of the Carrello trademark, because the buyer was one of the founders of the brand.
More than
30 000
parents choose our products
Strollers Carrello received the most positive reviews and took the place of the leader in sales, which have not left to this day.
The brand got its name for a reason, from Italian Carrello translates as a trolley.
All work is carried out under the auspices of the complete safety of a small user.
Only safe and hypoallergenic materials, fabrics, paints and varnishes are used. Even with the longest contact with which the child’s body will not be harmed.
Designs are created so that they can not injure the baby. There are no sharp corners and details.
All products meet safety requirements. Strollers, walkers, high chairs are equipped with several point seat belts. 
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