The one year guarantee applies to such Carrello products as - universal baby strollers, high chairs, baby swing chairs, walkers, playpens and car seats.

The warranty period starts from the moment of purchase of the goods and is valid for the goods of proper quality, kept labels, sales receipt, one-piece packaging are preserved during the warranty period.

Warranty obligations apply: 
The product hasn't been used  and in case of a visible defect due to the fault of the manufacturer at the time of purchase.

 When you buy a product please make sure that the product is complete and that all its functions are fully functional.

In the event of a warranty claim, appeal directly to an authorized point of sale. The decision to repair, provide missing parts, return, exchange is made by an authorized point of sale based on the conclusion of the manufacturer.

The warranty does not cover:
Incorrect assembly, installation and commissioning (check product manual).

Damage caused by the use of the product for other purposes, in extreme conditions (jumps, falls, etc.), for rental or in violation of the rules of operation.

Installation of components and accessories not approved by the manufacturer, as well as non-original spare parts that could cause malfunctions.

Normal wear and tear of the product or depletion of the service resource.

Blemish and discoloration of fabrics due to exposure to sunlight, cleaning agents, abrasion during operation; the formation of pellets, rupture of seams, the appearance of mold and rust; wear (puncture) of rubber on wheels; allowable play, due to the need to ensure the free movement of movable elements; deterioration of appearance, deterioration of the quality of components due to natural wear and atmospheric impact.

Accidental damage caused by the user or damage caused by rough handling (exposure to liquid, dust, foreign objects inside the case, etc.).

Insufficient maintenance, careless storage and / or careless transportation of goods.

Loss of equipment items.

Repair of the product by unauthorized persons.

Damage due to natural disasters (natural phenomena).

Carrello is a product for your children. You should necessary to take care of them according to the instructions for use. For futher information about care of products you should visite us in the "Oooh-you blog!" (  in order to maintain their original quality of products.
Write to us if you have questions about the guarantee
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