The warranty card is valid only if it is correctly and clearly indicated: the model, date of sale, contact information of the seller, its clear stamp or signature, the signature of the buyer.
If it is impossible to establish the date of sale, according to consumer protection legislation the warranty period is calculated from the date of manufacture of the product.
If you find the product defective, please contact the seller from whom the product was purchased.
When returning the product to the dealer, please return it in its entirety. Keep the original packaging.

Safety requirements and storage regulations!
- Do not allow your child to stand on the seat, do not leave your child unsupervised.
- Never use on a sloping surface!
- Do not drive down stairs/stairs.
- If metal parts get wet, wipe them with a cloth to avoid rusting.
- Check regularly that all fasteners are secure.
- Protect the product from shocks and damage and do not overload as specified in the instructions.
- For better preservation, do not expose the product to rain or direct sunlight.
- For washing or stain removal, it is recommended to use a neutral detergent.
- DO NOT use kerosene, gasoline, acetone, pressure washer, etc. for cleaning.
- Do not dry clean, soak or bleach.
- Do not tumble-dry. Dry only when unfolded outdoors, avoid direct sunlight.

For warranty service, please follow these instructions:
1. The warranty covers merchandise that is defective or has a visible defect due to the fault of the manufacturer at the time of purchase.
2. The warranty period of 2 years begins on the date of purchase of the product.
3. When purchasing, please make sure that the product is complete and all of its functions are fully functional.
4 The product is accepted under warranty only if it is clean and dry and fully complete (original packaging, labels, instruction manual, warranty card with the seller's stamp or signature, date of sale, signed by the seller and the buyer, and the receipt). If these conditions are not met, no claims will be accepted.

In the event of a warranty claim, contact your authorized dealer directly. The decision on repair, provision of missing parts, return, exchange is made by the authorized point of sale upon the conclusion of the manufacturer.

The warranty is not applicable in the following cases:
1. Incorrect assembly, installation, commissioning and storage (see product instructions).
2. Damage caused by the use of the goods not as intended, in extreme conditions (jumping, falling, etc.), for renting in violation of the rules of operation.
3. Installation of components and additional equipment not approved by the manufacturer, as well as non-original spare parts, which could lead to malfunctions.
4. Wear of the product or exhaustion of the service life.
5. Discoloration of fabrics due to exposure to sunlight, detergents, abrasion during use, formation of lint, seam breaking, appearance of mold and rust, wear (puncture) of rubber on the wheels, deterioration of appearance, deterioration of components due to natural wear and weathering. When individual elements (wheels, plastic or cloth parts, paint coating of the product) are worn during operation.
6. Accidental damage caused by the user or damage resulting from careless handling (exposure to liquids, dust, ingress of foreign objects, etc.).
7. Inadequate maintenance, careless storage and/or negligent transport of the product. 8.
8. Loss of accessories.
9. Repair of goods by unauthorized persons.
10. Damage as a result of natural disasters (acts of nature).
11. The warranty does not cover wheels and breakdowns due to incorrect wheel mounting (e.g. R and L wheels mixed up).
The warranty card is missing or incomplete.

Carrello is a product for your children and must be cared for according to the instructions for use, your careful and careful attitude in order to maintain its original quality.

All information on this site, including information about services and their costs, product descriptions and images, is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a contract of public offer. Images and color of the presented goods may slightly differ from the original products, depending on the resolution and screen settings of your device, as well as lighting conditions when taking pictures. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in specifications, equipment and design that do not impair the performance of the products without prior notice.
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