How to make an order?

There is no button "Buy" on the site, but nevertheless, it is extremely simple to purchase our products:

We have been working with a partner network for several years, so there are sales points for our representatives in almost all major cities of the CIS. 

You can also order products from our partners in online stores - just know the model name or article number.

You can also find stores of our partners on social networks using the hashtags #carrello and #carrellobaby.

We also added a convenient Store Map to our website.

Even if (so far) there is no Carrello partner store in your city, you will receive a hint on the map where you can order our products on the Internet.

All partners are equal in our eyes, so you have the right to choose a store with the best service and conditions.

Why are prices listed only in the catalog?

The information regarding the cost indicated in the posts may be broadcast by others out of time, and, as a result, may be misinterpreted.

Therefore, up-to-date information regarding the cost is always indicated only on the pages of our catalog.

How long will it take for delivery to my city? How much does it cost?

It is impossible to calculate the cost of delivery in advance, because each product has its own dimensions, and each carrier has its own tariffs. The date of receipt of the parcel also depends on the working hours of the transport company. You can find out which carrier will carry out the delivery on the store's website, or directly from the manager. It is highly likely that our partners are working with several TCs, which will give you a choice.

Is it possible to test drive your product?

You have the opportunity to test our strollers, high chairs and other products in the showrooms of our partners. 

I liked a certain color, but we can't find it in any store. How to be?

There is a trend for seasonal changes in the visual design of the product, which forms the image and style of the owners. Our industry is no exception, which is why we also regularly update product designs and the palette used. Again, you can find the most up-to-date information on this on the pages of our catalog.

Why do I see a price higher in the store than indicated on the website?

The catalog contains the recommended retail price.

In other words, this is the cost at which you are guaranteed to purchase our products from brand partners, counting on subsequent support.

What could be the reason for the additional markup?

This is the inalienable right of our partners, because they invest in the development of their business. The price is higher than what you saw on the site is quite reasonable if a really qualified specialist communicates with you, and in the showroom of the store it is cozy and beautiful.

What if I have questions regarding warranty service?

In this case, we ask you to fill out an application on the Warranty page.

What needs to be done to start working with the Carrello brand?

Fill out the form on the Become a partner page. The regional manager will contact you during business hours. 


If you have any additional questions regarding support and cooperation, or any other – write to us

We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Best regards, Carrello team